Bls Duel Academy

1. Do Not Spam: the following is considered as SPAM;

Posting Messages which contain under 10 words, down to the moderators discretion.

Posting Messages which have nothing to do with the topic.

Double Posting. Bumping your own topic after 24 hours have passed is an exception to this rule.

2. Show Respect ALL Members

3. Follow Staff instructions, unless deemed unreasonable then contact an admin.

4. We are not responsible for any offense committed outside the Academy or the ChatBox. (However may take action)

5. Advertising is Prohibited unless deemed O.K. by the Founders

6. Creating more than 1 account is prohibited.

7. Copyright: You may not;

Copying Articles from other websites and posting them

Creating a user account that imitates an Admin or staff's username

8. Chatbox Rules; You May Not:

Posting illegal or sexually explicit content

Harassing other members

Spamming in the chatbox

Advertising other Academies and clans without permissions from the Founders

Any Violation of these rules will result in the following:

Chatbox Disciplinary Table(Anything that occurs on the Chatbox):
1st Offense: Written Warning
2nd Offense: Kick from the chatbox
3rd Offense: Ban from the chatbox

Off-Chatbox Disciplinary Table(Anything that Occurs outside the Chatbox):
1st Offense: Written Warning
2nd Offense: Topic Deletion
3rd Offense: Forum Ban(Account Ban/IP Ban, up to Admin Discretion)

Only Exceptions to the above rules:
#1: Admin Impersonation{AI}----->IP Ban
#2: Site Hacking{SH}----->IP Ban and Report to Forumotion
#3: Attempted Hook-ups(Trying to Hook-up with the opposite gender){AH}----->Account Ban

The Off-Chat Box and Chatbox Offenses are effective at all times and they do stack(Meaning you get 1 on Monday, then if you get another one Tuesday, and then you get one on Wednesday, then thats all 3 Strikes) Once a member is banned, in order to return the member to the site all staff members of admin status must vote; if the result is 3/4 or 3/5 then the person is unbanned and restarts anew, however if its less than 3/4 or 3/5 then the person will stay banned.(Unban Voting will happen at the weekly admin meetings or on an admin skype call.)



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